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Project 1 Finance Pty Ltd wants you to avoid any nasty, expensive surprises. We will walk you step by step through the features of an extended warranty loan. Our consultants are experienced and knowledgable about these kind of products and are here to put your mind at ease.

What is a warranty?

Purchasing a vehicle is an important and expensive investment, and like any other investment it should be protected. This should be the case whether you are buying a brand new car, straight off the forecourt, or you’ve purchased a 10 year-old vehicle.

An extended new car warranty insurance extends the original manufacturer’s warranty and will provide coverage for the cost of most repairs and replacement parts for your vehicle. New car extended warranty coverage offers considerable discounts on repairs and replacement parts and in some cases, covers 100% of the cost, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that, if you encounter a bump in the road, you won’t be out of pocket.

The extended warranty term can range from one, three or five years and cover a wide range of major mechanical items, including transmission, engine, electrical system, cooling system, differential, clutch, braking systems, air conditioning, steering system, CD players, ABS braking systems, fuel pump/injection systems, turbos, electric solenoids & computers, electrical ignition components, engine mounts, all liftgate, door and window mechanisms.

Please note – the mechanical warranties do not cover wear and tear items, such as your brake pads and tyres – unfortunately you would have to cover the cost of replacing these yourself.

Other benefits and inclusions are a 24-hour breakdown assistance. This applies should you find yourself unable to work your car and unable to get help. There is also an emergency accommodation benefit if you are more than 200 kilometres from your home and the mechanical repairs cannot be done within 24 hours (this is an extra on the policy). A locksmith service applies in case your keys somehow mysteriously get locked in the car (let’s blame the kids), and a car rental reimbursement – should your car need repairs doing and this will take longer than two consecutive days.

There is also a policy for vehicles purchased privately – just in case you have been sold a lemon by an unscrupulous salesman.

For more information and to learn more about the extended warranty policies we can help broker for you, get in touch today.

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