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Project 1 Finance Pty Ltd, knows safety comes first. If you have ever had a blowout or a flat tyre, you’ll know the expense involved, especially on newer cars. That’s why tyre and rim insurance exists. This important product covers you for a range of incidents, including cracked rims, punctured tyres, blowouts, potholes and road debris.

What is tyre and rim insurance?

Your vehicle is not just something to transport you around, it is an investment. It needs to be taken care of.

This insurance policy is a practical solution to give you peace of mind. It covers punctured tyres, damaged tyre rims, blowouts, damage incurred due to road hazards such as potholes, debris, nails, screws, glass, metal, and roadside kerbs.

Because these types of hazards cause damage to your rims, which in turn in will cause further damage to your tyres if not fixed, you can see how the expense could soon add up, leaving you unable to use your car and out of pocket. If the rim is bent, this can usually be repaired. However, if it is cracked it cannot be; the entire wheel usually must be replaced. Certainly, it’s worth having financial protection against this type of incident.

This policy pays the cost to repair the vehicle, rims or motorcycle tyres up to a specified amount and offers other numerous benefits.

Depending on the coverage level you choose, some of the key benefits include:

• Three years’ protection with no excess on claims
• Towing of vehicle in the case of a breakdown
• Roadside assistance for flat tyres, flat battery, running out of fuel or if your keys get locked in the car.

Optional benefits include emergency accommodation if you are away from home and have an accident with the result of tyre and/or rim damage.

For more information and to access competitive tyre and rim insurance rates, please give us a call today.

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