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We look after the little people and your business is our business. Small business is often known as the ‘engine room’ of the Australian economy. Although the multinational conglomerates hog the headlines, businesses employing under 20 people account for almost half of public sector employment, contributing a large chunk to the country’s GDP.

Leading Finance Solutions Pty Ltd knows how important cash flow is to the success of a small business, especially one which is just starting up. We want to help you achieve your dream or take you family business to the next level. There are a range of small business finance products and the choice can often be confusing. Fortunately we can help guide you through the various terms. Here’s a quick guide to small business finance.

Putting it simply….

Small Business financing helps aspiring or current business owners who need funds to either start a small business, purchase a new one or require funds to assist with taking their small business to the next level.

Before we can suggest a financial product suited to your business, we will require some information on hand:

1. Your borrowing amount
2. What the money is being used for
3. Your business plan
4. Your current financial situation
5. Verification you are able to repay the loan
6. Do you have a guarantor or other loan security?
7. The length of time needed to repay the loan
8. Proof of a good credit rating

Once we have sorted through the above, we can then suggest some financial products to help meet your needs. Here are just a select few:

Business overdraft – provides cash flow relief with funds to cover business expenses, such as invoices and wages until you are paid.

Business loan – you can borrow a specific amount with either a fixed or variable rate and flexible repayment options – and only pay interest on the amount you owe.

Business equity access loan – borrow a specific amount and only pay the interest on the amount owed.

Line of credit – money sitting available for when you need it.

Leading Finance Solutions Pty Ltd is a new financial brokerage company which aims to give small businesses the best deals to allow them to grow well into the future. We offer obligation-free advice and access to Australia’s best and most trusted lenders. Call us today and get a better rate on your business finance than you would with the banks and other lenders. For further information about how we can help your small business grow from an acorn into an oak tree, please give us a call today or contact us online.

Why choose Project 1 Finance?

  • Fix loan terms

    We only deal with trusted Australian lenders, who are viable and willing to assist in negotiating a flexible loan, tailored to your needs.

  • Professional Advice

    Project 1 Finance Pty Ltd is a brokerage that works with its clients to ensure they know the real deal and what is being offered is the right fit for them.

  • Low Rates

    We work effortlessly to find you the best loan solutions at the most competitive rates

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