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Car insurance is compulsory: not having a valid policy for your car could land you with a hefty fine, depending on the state you’re in.

Project 1 Finance Pty Ltd takes car insurance very seriously. It is the one form of insurance that you will probably have to call upon in your lifetime, whether a collision or accident is your fault or the responsibility of another driver! Motor vehicle insurance policies can be quite varied in their nature and the terms involved confusion. Put your mind at ease by consulting our quick guide and know that, if you need any further information, our friendly and helpful consultants are on hand to answer your questions.

What is car insurance?

The three main types of cover – Comprehensive, Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Fire and Theft – all have different terms and conditions and premium prices. Most states require you to have Third Party Fire and Theft coverage as an absolute minimum, but bear in mind that this is the MINIMUM and you may not be covered under certain circumstances.

There are many factors to take into consideration when your vehicle is being quoted. The location, your age, driving history, type of vehicle and any modifications, all influence the price of your premium. Choosing to increase your excess will lower your premium price. If you choose to add a driver to your policy who is under 25, this can drastically increase the price of your premiums.

Saving on your premiums can be as simple as having your vehicle parked in a secure area, installing safety and security devices in your vehicle, maintaining an excellent driving history and, depending on which company you are insured with, some will offer a discount if you pay the premium in a lump sum.

Comprehensive Insurance – means you are fully covered in case of an accident, theft or fire. Some companies will offer policies that are tailor-made for you. They will even include special features for extra protection.

Third Party Fire & Theft – if comprehensive cover does not fit your budget, this cover will protect your vehicle in the event of fire, theft and any damage you may cause to another vehicle.

Third Party Property – if you are a casual driver and on a tight budget – you still need some type of protection. This will only cover the other vehicle in case of an accident.

When you’re driving, you don’t expect to be involved in any incidents but it’s always nice to have that back-up to ensure that if the worst does occur, you’re covered. There’s also the small matter of it being illegal to drive without car insurance. To ensure you’re covered with a great deal to boot, get in touch with Project 1 Finance Pty Ltd. Get out on the road today by sorting a car insurance policy through our brokerage. Give us a call today and find out more.

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